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Per Nausea Ad Astra

This will likely be the last proper blog post on dramming.com.

Four weeks ago I explained why the blog has switched to Hibernation Mode. Response was overwhelmingly positive, but many readers stated that they would like me to continue blogging.

I said I would not quit completely anyway, but over the past weeks I have been making up my mind about the future of this blog. Frankly, I don’t have much hope that the situation on the whisky market will change substantially in the near future. It will change in the long run, though, I am stronlgy convinced of this.

My situation as a blogger is pretty much like it was back in 2010 when I transformed “whisky-rating.com” into “dramming.com”. I felt like the focus on scoring whisky was putting me into a straitjacket, so decided to widen the scope of the blog to “everything whisky”.

Right now I am having that straitjacket feeling again. This blog is about whisky, but blogging about whisky is not as fun anymore for me as it used to be. I have noticed myself branching out to other, more affordale spirits, and at the moment whisky probably makes up less than half of the high-octane booze I drink.

So I have decided that another revamp is necessary in order to regain the joy of blogging. I don’t intend to do a big surprise relaunch or to keep dropping cryptic hints on social media, so I am telling you this ahead of time.

It’s early stages yet, but I will take my time to work out a concept for the new blog. There is already a name and a domain for it that is sufficiently generic to allow a truly wide-angle view on the world of drinks. It may take a few weeks, or even months, though. We’ll see.

Of course it would be a shame if the content of this blog did not survive. I will find a way to transfer all old articles at the very least and probably also the tasting notes.

I’ll keep you informed.



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