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Cognac Frapin 22 yo 1993 TWE Exclusive

The Whisky Exchange has never been entirely focused on whisky. In both their online and brick & mortar shops they also stock a wide selection of other spirits. But with the announcment of their Cognac Show for April 2018 they are stepping up their non-whisky game even more.

TWE recently also presented their first exclusive cognac bottling, a 22 year old 1993 single vintage from Frapin. I did not refuse the sample that was offered to me. So here are my findings:

Frapin 1993 Single  Vintage

TWE Exclusive – 46%

My Tasting Notes:

Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Orange zest, cinnamon, toffee, vanilla, a faint hint of rancio
Palate: Oranges, stewed apples, sultanas, cinnamon, cardamom, hints of white pepper.
Finish: Medium long, very fruity and slightly dry.
Overall: A very good cognac that does well in balancing fresh fruitness with wood spices. The overall charcter is rather subtle, but there is a lot to explore.

Rating: 87/100 – Price tag: £140

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