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Pour Me Another One is a blog about alcoholic drinks. It evolved from dramming.com which I used to maintain from 2010 to mid-2016. Over these years, Dramming has grown into one of the major whisky blogs with more than 1200 tasting notes and 450 articles, almost entirely about whisky.

In recent years the whisky market has seen a development that made me feel less and less enthusiasctic to write about whisky only. Prices for whisky beyond trusty standard bottlings have risen to a level that can only be called prohibitive for someone like me who does not earn a truckload of money, so I found myself switching to more affordable “malternatives” more and more often. I also realised that as a whisky blogger I had some amount of responsiblilty in fuelling the demand for whisky.

This development has led to my decision to no longer maintain Dramming and to broaden the scope of my blogging activity to alcoholic drinks in general. I decided against a restructuring of the old blog and for starting a completely new one.

The question was only what to do with the old blog content. There is a lot of information in there and also some writing that I am actually a bit proud of. So it would be a shame to just delete it. I did not like the idea to turn dramming.com into a zombie website that is no longer updated. So I decided to transfer the complete content to this blog and place it in a dedicated “Archive” section. This means that everything I have written in the last six years is still available for your perusal. There are only two restrictions: I did not update internal cross links because that would have been too much work, and I did not transfer any pictures because of the same reason.

What to expect

I have no intention to set limitations to the blog content apart from that there has to be a connection to alcoholic drinks. Neither will there be a fixed publishing schedule. So in a way you can expect anything “booze” anytime. But there is one notable exception that will not surprise regular readers of Dramming: you will not find regurgitated PR fluff here. My blogs have never been and will never be platforms for free advertising of the drinks industry. Or paraphrased: all PR material you send me may be used against you.

Despite the open concept there will be a few fixed categories. I will continue to publish tasting notes, and I will continune use the 100 point scoring system. There will be a place for “dusties”, and there will definitely be a “Booze Bullshit” section. Other than that, let’s see how this will develop.

Oliver Klimek